• Five ways to inject colour into your home

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    When it comes to adding colour to your home, it can be difficult to know where to start, and sometimes even harder to know when to stop. This is where some expert advice can really come in handy.

    To help, Domain have teamed up with the Kip&Co team, who have shared with us their tips on how to correctly inject colour into your home.

    1. Bedding and soft furnishings

    Above anything that you can do to the actual structure of your home, perhaps one of the easiest ways to add some excitement and colour to your living spaces is through your bedroom bedding. “The bed is nearly always the focus of the bedroom, so start here and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has,” says Kate Heppell. “Embrace some colours you may not have thought about before through use of quilt covers, cushions and throws. We have some stunning new winter hues, including orchid, lead grey, rich deep green and coco blush.”

    2. Bring plants into the home

    Not only are indoor plants renowned for improving your health, but they are also a good source of colour in the home. “We’re extremely fond of indoor plants,” explains Heppell. “Bringing a bit of the outside in can up the oxygen in a room, whilst injecting a vibrant vital kick of green, and create a relaxed vibe.”

    3. Lay out rugs

    Adding a rug to a room can be very powerful. It can help anchor a room, add warmth, and help layer a room’s decor. “Throw down a rug beside your bed, under a dining table, or down the hall,” says Heppell. Good quality rugs are a great investment and the colour they bring can be transformative.

    4. Introduce art

    Art of all kinds, be it your kids paintings or a special splurge, are an inspired and fun way to introduce colour to any home. “Don’t be shy to put up wall hangings (new and vintage), prints, photography, or even DIY pieces,” explains Heppell. “The more the merrier really is our motto!”

    5. Get creative with paint

    Painting is a cheap and easy way to transform a space, particularly when actioned with some confidence. “Bedrooms are a great spot to start – you can especially have some fun in the kids bedrooms,” says Heppell. “After all, a healthy dose of colour can have a positive impact on moods and can lift energy levels. It’s a win-win situation really.”

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